Corporate Retirement Plans

Our retirement planning process provides solutions tailored specifically to meet the goals and objectives of each employer and their participants. Through each phase of our process, Shepherd Financial provides proactive leadership to help achieve our clients’ desired results.


The Shepherd Financial process is designed to help participants realize successful outcomes and reach their retirement goals.

  • Personalized Retirement Readiness Analysis

    This report is customized for each of your plan participants. It provides a simple, easy-to-understand analysis of their current financial situation, helps establish realistic retirement goals, and offers solutions as to how they can best reach their objectives.

  • Financial Wellness Program

    The success of your plan depends upon the participation and engagement of your employees. Shepherd Financial will design and implement a comprehensive communication program specifically tailored to your workforce demographics. This targeted program helps to enhance the overall financial IQ of your employees and helps them navigate their financial circumstances successfully.

  • Plan Design Consultation

    To find and keep the most valuable employees, you need a well-structured corporate retirement plan. Shepherd Financial will help you design a plan that meets your goals and helps incentivize employees. As new government regulations occur and industry trends develop, your plan design can continuously keep pace to meet the needs of your workforce.

  • One-on-One Meetings

    For plan participants seeking a more personalized approach, we can provide individual consultation sessions. Whether they are just getting started, need help staying on track, or are nearing retirement, Shepherd Financial will tailor our education and advice to help them with all of their financial concerns.

  • Transition Assistance

    When a participant terminates from the plan, they may have many questions. Shepherd Financial will educate them about their options and help them make an informed decision. With our guidance and service, the administration and recordkeeping required for past participants can be greatly reduced.


Much is expected of you as a fiduciary. The Shepherd Financial team is knowledgeable in these legal obligations and committed in writing to acting as a fiduciary while also providing education, guidance, and helping reduce your fiduciary liability.

  • Plan Benchmarking

    ERISA fiduciaries have a legal obligation to make certain all plan fees and expenses are “reasonable” considering the level and quality of services being provided. The Shepherd Financial benchmarking process evaluates every cost associated with your plan against appropriate peer benchmarks so you have documentation you are following a prudent process and meeting your fiduciary responsibilities.

  • Evaluation of Service Providers

    Shepherd Financial will help create an independent and unbiased provider comparison based on criteria unique to your corporate goals and objectives. Our process helps streamline, validate, and document your selection of the best service provider for your situation. Once you have made your decision, we help manage the conversion process.

  • Industry Trends and Regulations

    As rapidly as the regulatory environment changes, Shepherd Financial provides crucial legislative updates to keep your plan compliant. Keeping our clients abreast of and helping you implement the latest plan design features will help allow your participants the capacity to maximize their retirement outcomes.

  • Fiduciary Training

    Shepherd Financial offers ongoing fiduciary training to help you become better prepared to face your specific fiduciary duties. Our training focuses on your roles and responsibilities, the selection and monitoring of service providers, communications with your participants, and how to deal with heightened scrutiny from the Department of Labor.

  • Annual Fiduciary Checklist

    Shepherd Financial provides a comprehensive checklist to remind you of important deadlines and help ensure you do not overlook any fiduciary responsibilities.

  • Fiduciary Vault

    We maintain an organized, documented, and secure fiduciary record of all your decisions to help ensure protection of the plan trustees. This vault allows quick access to plan information for everyday reference and compliance audits.


  • Investment Policy Statement

    The Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is intended to assist the plan committee by establishing guidelines for making investment-related decisions in a prudent manner. Shepherd Financial will help you outline the underlying philosophies and processes for the selection, evaluation, monitoring, and, if necessary, termination of the investment options offered by the plan.

  • Mutual Fund Selection and Monitoring

    Shepherd Financial focuses on long-term consistent performance relative to the risk of each individual investment. Our proprietary methodology has been researched and developed by a staff of independent Chartered Financial Analysts. Integrated with your Investment Policy Statement and utilizing quantitative and qualitative analysis, our advisors help select quality investments for your participants and then deliver timely monitoring reports to keep you informed about all your plan investments.

  • Investment Menu Design

    The structure of retirement plan investment menus continues to change. Plan sponsors are tasked not only with offering adequate choices but also improving participant outcomes. The proper mix of investments for your participants should include options for those who want to delegate their investment management decisions and those who want to build their own portfolios. Your plan’s investments will be diversified, well-managed, and meet the objectives of your Investment Policy Statement. Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.

  • 3(21) / 3(38) Fiduciary

    Our advisors consult with retirement plan sponsors to offer the best-fit investment lineup for your plan. From developing the Investment Policy Statement, to selecting investment managers, to the ongoing monitoring and review requirements, Shepherd’s accredited consultants will help streamline your decision-making process. We back our recommendations by signing on as a 3(21) or 3(38) fiduciary for every client.